About Us

What began as an early career as a roaming Plant-based Chef, transitioned into over 33 years in the Natural Products Industry as an advocate for ethically sourced and sustainable products and organizations, with a persistent heart-felt connection to cacao, hemp and herbalism.

What I treasured most was the opportunity to work with dynamic and mission-driven people and their products, visiting many farms and facilities which sparked amazing relationships that are still cherished today.

With an emphasis on Organic, Non-GMO, Fair Trade, and Plant-based products, we are advocates for change as the natural environment shifts towards re-generative practices.

Our Cacao

Our organic cacao comes from a Co-Op in the San Martin region of Peru which is made up of a collective of small farms.

Knowing that we are contributing to their livelihood and keeping the origins of Peruvian Cacao thriving makes our product more impactful than I could have imagined when I set out to make a bar that not only tasted amazing but could also play a key supporting role for its producers.



We are happy to partner with a US-based brand; Colorado-proud Broad Spectrum Hemp CBD that is Phytocannabinoid-rich and has lab tested levels of 0.0% thc

They are also fully and vertically integrated, Non-GMO and Eco-Friendly.

You can taste the balanced subtle CBD sweetness when you take your first BLISS-full bite, without overpowering the cacao.